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September Progress Report

Daily Page Views in September

Like I mentioned in my previous “progress report”, I spent most part of September concentrating on the design and prototype of my new WordPress theme. I can’t wait to show them to you! I will be soon doing that this month. I wrote only 16 articles this month and definitely I noticed a shortfall in the number of visitors to …

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August Progress Report

WordPress Stats - Views in August

I cannot believe that it has been three months since my website relaunch and I have published over 60 articles already! I asked in my last “progress report” what kind of articles visitors were interested in seeing. I received very few responses, but most of them pointed in the direction of Technical articles. So this month, 16 out of 24 …

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July Progress Report

WordPress Stats - Views in July

July was officially my second month on the new website. And I am thrilled to have published over 20 articles. My key focus in July was: Web Development (9 articles): I spent most part of the month exploring and learning various web development technologies. I curated online tutorials and wrote a brief overview of these technologies on my blog. Goal Getting (6 …

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June Progress Report

WordPress Stats - Views in June

In June I published 16 articles for the below topics: Web Development (12) Content Creation (2) Reflections (2) The main focus of this month was Discovery Phase and Content Creation. Discovery Phase: Discovery is the first phase in a web development project during which the initial research on the project feasibility is carried out and all the user requirements are gathered. I have been curating a bunch …

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