July Progress Report

July was officially my second month on the new website. And I am thrilled to have published over 20 articles. My key focus in July was:

  1. Web Development (9 articles): I spent most part of the month exploring and learning various web development technologies. I curated online tutorials and wrote a brief overview of these technologies on my blog.
  2. Goal Getting (6 articles): I started writing about setting goals as part of this new series on my website.

But in July, I also introduced a few other topics like Philately and 100+ Happy Days.

How Many Views in July?

Last month, I was 54 visitors short of my goal. But this month my website had 327 visitors with 491 views. Yes… 27 visitors ahead of my goal! I owe it to a lot of you for sharing my website both verbally and on your social networking sites. Thank you! 🙂

WordPress Stats - Views in July
WordPress Stats – Views in July

What were my Most Visited Pages?

I have used Google Analytics to gather statistics about my website.

Top Posts in July - Google Analytics
Top Posts in July – Google Analytics

As you can see the 3 most visited pages were:

  1. My Stamp Collection posted on 24th July
  2. My Home Page (changed my website theme on 29th July)
  3. New Year’s Resolutions: Where are you with yours? posted on 5th July
Daily Page Views in July
Daily Page Views in July

You can see that there are hikes in the page views on both 24th and 29th July. 29th July was when I changed my website theme to Sahifa. This month the “popularity” was definitely based on novelty.

a) In my article about my Stamp Collection, I posted a video of me. Having my photo up as the featured image helped too.

b) Sharing my website link after I did the theme change attracted a lot of curious visitors to my website.

Who are my Visitors?

Top 10 Countries of Visitors in July
Top 10 Countries of Visitors in July

UK, India, USA and UAE still has the top 4 places. This month’s surprises were Russia and Israel at positions 8 and 10.

I had 12 comments on my posts, but I am guessing some of them were definitely spam. I still have a lot of shy visitors. Because I receive a lot of views and likes, but very few comments.

Based on Google Analytics, my website continues to maintain the returning visitors at around 68%. Thanks for the loyal following guys! 🙂

What are the Top Sources of Traffic to my Website?

Traffic Sources in July
Traffic Sources in July


The top traffic source in July continues to be Social Media at 72.7%. I also learned that the referrals are a result of bots and spiders. I have made a couple of changes on Google Analytics today and will wait until the end of this month to find out more.

But this time, Search traffic was at 10% with 45 views. I am pleased with that, to be honest.

BootstrapVsBoilerplate - Google Search Result

One of the articles I wrote about “Boilerplate vs Bootstrap” is now featured as the 15th Google Search Result. I only got to know about this, when someone from the internet contacted me to seek more advice on topic and I was totally chuffed! 🙂



Social Media Traffic in July
Social Media Traffic in July

There were no surprises with my Social Media Traffic with Facebook bringing in 88% of the total traffic and Instagram bringing in the least at 0.30% (i.e. 1 user). But I decided to do something else this time. I looked at how many new users came in through each of my social media referrals and I was astounded to find that Facebook bought in 208 new visitors this month… wow… the power of sharing! 🙂


Twitter brought in very mild traffic with 21 views. My top 3 posts on Twitter were

  1. Boilerplate vs Bootstrap: What should I use? (I think Twitter may be the reason this article made it into the Google Search Results)
  2. JavaScript and jQuery
  3. Goal Setting and Getting using Todoist or Asana (This tweet brought in 8 visitors)
Twitter Engagement in July
Twitter Engagement in July

Todoist replied to my Tweet :)
One of my moments of pride was when “Todoist”, a product I was writing about, responded to my tweet with a compliment. 🙂



Three Key Lessons from July

  1. Use my photos on my website (this is the second time this has happened and there is definitely a pattern)
  2. Videos attract more visitors
  3. Sunday is special! I see more visitors on Sunday than any other day.

What’s in store for August?

In August, I will be focussing on creating a Style Guide for my website. I intend to continue with my recent series about Goal Getting. I am unsure if I want to continue with the Philately videos. I received an underwhelming response for my article about Video: Stamps of India from my Stamp Collection. Let me know if you think I need to keep this topic in.

How else do you think I can improve my website?

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