Juice Plus+: What is it all about? Is it Good? Is it Bad?

Juice Plus+

On Thursday I tried Facebook Live for the first time ever. Lessons learned: Hold the phone vertically when you go live or people watching you on a computer will need to lie down. Don’t think naughty, you dirty minds! But this article is not about the Facebook Live, but about what I had shared in it – Juice Plus+. I had …

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Received a job offer in the UK via Email? Beware!

Beware of Employment Scams

In the last month alone, I had three friends and family members from India contact me about job offers/opportunities they had received from some of the UK-based companies. I am glad they got in touch with me because ALL of them turned out to be scams. Last week when a very dear and near member received an email, I decided …

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Amazon Dash Button – the magic shopping button now in UK

Amazon Dash Button

Are you too busy to shop for household essentials? Do you forget to reorder dishwasher tablets or coffee capsules frequently? Then the retail giant Amazon has launched just the solution for you – the Amazon Dash Button. Amazon Dash Button is a Wi-Fi connected device that reorders your favourite product at the press of a button. From yesterday, Amazon Prime customers …

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EU Referendum: Brexit Wins. What Next?

The EU Referendum results were out a couple of hours ago and Brexit won. UK is the first country to exit the EU and I think it is one of the biggest blows to the EU (… and me… as I was rooting to Remain!) 🙁 UKIP leader Nigel Farage allegedly said: “Let June 23 go down in our history as our …

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EU Referendum : Should I Stay or Should I Go?

EU Referendum

If you are a British, Irish or Commonwealth citizen who lives in the UK, then today is the big day. EU Referendum is finally here and you will have a say in whether the UK remains or leaves the EU. In this post, I have collated some information from the internet that may help you make a decision. European Union In 1957, 5 countries (Belgium, …

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