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Display Your Work with a Portfolio Header

Portfolio Header

When it comes to page headers there are sooo many creative options to choose from. I have been researching some of the unique headers over the last couple of months and here are my favourite picks. Hero Header Parallax Header Portfolio Header In this last article of this series, I will share something about Portfolio Headers. #3 Portfolio Header Portfolio …

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5 Must-Have WordPress Plugins for Theme Developers

WordPress Plugins for Theme Developers

Are you developing a new WordPress theme? When I started off, I had a little trouble debugging the website and testing it. But then I discovered these excellent powerful plugins that helped me. So here is my list of the top 5 WordPress Plugins for Theme Developers. Plugin #1 Debug Bar Debug Bar plugin adds a “Debug” menu to the admin bar. …

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Using Hooks & Shortcodes in WordPress Plugin

WordPress Plugin Development using Hooks and Shortcodes

This is the second article in the series about developing a WordPress Plugin. You can read my previous article about Getting Started , but here is a short summary. Step #5 Plugin Prototyping In the last article, I got all my files and folders ready. But first I want to work out the logic for implementing the five functionalities. For this, I first created a …

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WordPress Plugin Development – Getting Started

WordPress Plugin Development Goal

One of my Web Development goals for August is to get my feet wet by creating my own WordPress plugin. And because I like sharing (yes, I am good like that! 🙂 ), I thought let me share what I am learning regarding WordPress Plugin development with you all. If you like this article, let me know in the comments below and …

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Theme vs Plugin: What Should I Use on WordPress?

Theme vs Plugin

What adds beauty and brains to a WordPress website? Theme and Plugin! Themes define the look-and-feel of the website (i.e. design and layout) and  Plugins add new functionality to the website. A WordPress website can have only a single theme set across the whole website. But multiple plugins can be installed to introduce various functionalities. So when you create a WordPress website, …

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