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When it comes to page headers there are sooo many creative options to choose from. I have been researching some of the unique headers over the last couple of months and here are my favourite picks.

  1. Hero Header
  2. Parallax Header
  3. Portfolio Header

In this last article of this series, I will share something about Portfolio Headers.

#3 Portfolio Header

Portfolio headers come in various formats depending on the type of content you want to showcase on your website. These can be image sliders, videos or grids of images and videos. This type of header is best suited for a content-rich or an eCommerce website where you will want to showcase your content or products.

Mukam is a WordPress theme. And I love the animated image slider header of this theme. In this video, you can see how the animated images can easily attract the website visitors to the content.

During the time I spent with the team, I learned that portfolio headers can embed a lot more than just images. It can be a gallery of images, an audio clip or even a video.

Here is a simple portfolio header that I think is best suited for a Travel website. Website visitors can flip through these image thumbnails (on the right) to view a snapshot of the location. Links can be created for the text on the right. This will take the website visitors to a web page to read more about the location shown in the image. The video shows a vertical navigation, but horizontal navigation is also possible.

Here is another one which I initially thought was too simple. But the powerful feature of being able to embed a video and display it in a click is cool.

Portfolio Header with just text
Portfolio Header with just text
Portfolio Header with the video
Portfolio Header with the video

If you have a cooking website, you must watch this next video. I totally fell in love with this header. Your website visitors will feel hungry just watching those yummy high-resolution photos. And I am sure they will be tempted to click on the buttons. That will then take your website visitors to a web page with the recipe for the dish. How cool is that!

Here is a final one. This is just the header for a fashion boutique website where website visitors can swipe across some of the featured products and either buy them straight away or add them to a wish list. I am planning set up a web page for selling stamps from my collection and I am already eyeing this as a header. This header is mobile-friendly and just apt for my mobile visitors.

If you fancy a website with any of these portfolio headers, you can contact the team at Logans Omnimedia on [email protected]

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