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Earlier in the month, when I posted the July Progress Report, I mentioned that I will be working on the website Style Guide this month. I have made good progress this month and here are some sneak peeks before the full version is shared later on. I used

I used Frontify to pull the content together. If you are web designer or developer, then I highly recommend this free online tool for pulling together a style guide for your clients. It is very impressive to look at and very easy to put together.

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  1. I read your other articles and enjoyed your Style Guide creation process on Frontify. You are very creative. Are you into Graphic Design? Can you also show me more on using Frontify? May be graphics.

    • Thanks Patricia. I am an IT Project Manager, but did do Web development and Game design courses years ago. My husband runs a media company – – where they focus on Graphics Design as well. So I do get a lot of inspiration from his team.

      I am preparing one more article that looks at iconography and illustrations. So will be back with that soon.

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