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Style Guide – Work in Progress

Style Guide - Custom Colour Wheel

Earlier in the month, when I posted the July Progress Report, I mentioned that I will be working on the website Style Guide this month. I have made good progress this month and here are some sneak peeks before the full version is shared later on. I used I used Frontify to pull the content together. If you are web designer …

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5 Design Must-Haves for a One Page Website

Sector One Page Website Theme

Are you planning to create a website that has just a handful of pages or sections? Then a One Page website or a Single Page website design is an excellent choice. A traditional website will have multiple pages and a clickable menu that can used to navigate to individual pages. But a typical one page website has only a single page, split into multiple sections referred to as Screens. Navigation controls may be present …

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The Guardian: Container Model and Blended Content

The Guardian - Website Structure: Slice, Container, Stack

The Guardian website was redesigned and launched in January 2015. On the day of its global launch there was immense negative feedback about the new design. And yet a year later it received the Website of the Year award from Press Awards. Here are two three things that made me lookup the design and development process of this website: Container Model Blended …

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A Website Redesign Success Story: USA Today

USA Today - Colourful Weather Page

USA Today website was redesigned and launched in September 2012 on the newspaper’s 30th birthday. Fantasy Interactive was the awesome crew behind this 1-year project. They won many awards including Adobe’s “Cutting Edge Award” for this project. So what makes the design of USAToday.com unique? A typical News website has a lot of content. You have to tunnel your way through it like a mole. I have lost my way countless times …

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