Daily Routines for Success – N for Nourish

I have come to the final two – and the most difficult ones – of my daily routine. So far I wrote about

Now these two are the ones I have been struggling with.

Daily Routine - Nourish - Eating Healthy Food


Routine #6 – Nourish

Staying healthy is one of those areas I struggle a lot with. I love my body, I love food far more – especially the oily cheesy starchy fattening ones! 😉 Having tried a few diets, I find them difficult to sustain. I find them too restrictive. 🙁 So instead now I am building simple healthy eating habits into my lifestyle – just baby steps.

I recently purchased Juice Plus+ Boosters. And I should say the advice that comes with it is very helpful. I have just been taking baby steps with support from my Juice Plus+ mentor. And thanks to my Dr Mum, I never am at loss for motivation. Some healthy improvements over the last quarter included:

  • Reduction of caffeine intake to one cappuccino per day. (Don’t have the heart to give it up altogether yet)
  • Replaced dairy with unsweetened almond milk (and survived!)
  • Included omega-3 rich fish 2-3 times a week
  • Replaced mid-meal craving for starch with Avocado
  • Swapped out white rice for brown rice (and now working on reducing quantity)
  • Replaced my chocolate bars with healthy veggie and fruit milkshakes
  • Drinking 2l of water each day (been at it for some time now)

On a positive note, none of those changes has affected my energy levels. This shows I am in the right direction.

We eat out frequently which doesn’t help at all. So that is something I am currently working on.

Currently, my daily routine involves planning and adjusting my meals on MyFitnessPal. Then at the end of the day, I do a calorie tally.

I have been using MyFitnessPal for over 20 months now. But my longest streakNumber of days I have continuously updated MyFitnessPal is only 18 days. 🙁 But watching friends with 800+ days streaks gives me motivation. I have now lost 10 lbs. Last year though I was down by almost 18 lbs. Thanks to married bliss have managed to gain a few pounds back. Like everything else… Baby steps!

Like everything else… Baby steps!

Now your turn:

I will be back with the last of my Daily Routines. Another difficult one. So stay tuned.

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