Daily Routines for Success – T for Time with Me

From earlier this week, I have been sharing my experience of building seven daily routines that have helped me stay sane without being overwhelmed. 🙂 And you would have gathered by now that I am slowly building up the acronym ROUTINE – Review, Organise, Update, and now on to T.

Daily Routine - Time with Me

Routine #4 – Time with Me

Not me… I mean you. I mean, time with yourself. aka Me Time.

No matter how hectic your day, always set aside some time for yourself. Do one thing that makes you happy. Watch a TV show or movie. Listen to your old favourite song. Get creative. But definitely take time off to be with yourself every single day.

Life can get tough. Bad things can happen to good people. Daily rejuvenation is really needed in our lives if we want to get stronger and stay happy.

I don’t (get to) spend hours together for this. But I take a break from life at some point so I can switch off from the hyperactive me and do something that will reinvigorate me. Mostly I get into scrapbooking, curating my stamp collection or just simply sitting with a cup of cappuccino. There are some really lazy days (weekends) where I binge watch a TV show all by myself. And there are some exciting days when I play with my dolls for hours. (More on that later!) On weekdays, I do set a timer or I could be having a whole day of “me”. Imagine too much of me… even I couldn’t take it! 😉

Some days my “me time” is technically not just me. I catch up with an old friend. When I say catch up, I mean call them and pour my heart out. So I am grateful for those wonderful girlfriends who have been around for decades being my sounding board. I am also blessed with a husband who understands the concept of “Me time” and makes allowances for letting me be me. 🙂

But let me tell this while I am still not a housewife: “Me time is not a luxury, it’s a must which you shouldn’t feel guilty about.” Someone, please remind me this if/when I ever become a “soccer mum” or “dance mum”. I think I will need the reminder then

This is not the only routine that keeps me resilient and smiling. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post for more.

Now your turn… 🙂

I will be back with more about my Daily Routine. So stay tuned.

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