Daily Routines for Success – E for Exercise

This week I had been writing about Daily Routines.  So far I wrote about

Here is the last routine that I am still struggling with.

Daily Routine - Exercise

Routine #7 – Exercise

Staying healthy is one of those areas I struggle a lot with as I mentioned in my previous post. The only exercise I probably really love is dancing… and talking (if that can be counted as one) 😉 Yes, I am a self-proclaimed sloth! I have been trying to establish an exercise routine since aeons ago because I have this big thing to do on my bucket list – complete a triathlon (well, at least at the novice level).

But walking/running is not something that naturally comes to me. I did great a couple of years back and even completed a 5k run. But then Baby-B arrived – no, not a human baby – the car. And that was it! Now I am struggling to complete even 10,000 steps a day. 🙁

As I am now trying to build this routine, I am striving for walking for 30 minutes every day. I want to slowly get back to running and work on improving my stamina.

Although I am not an expert at this routine yet, I am putting this out there so that my friends and people around me will continue to keep me accountable.

Exercise for me is not about just weight loss and trim waistline. It is about having that sense of well-being that follows it. I have always noticed that after a brisk walk I always feel stress-free. Science says that this because of the endorphins released during exercise. So here am I trying to get an excellent exercise routine into my daily schedule.

Now your turn:

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