Video: Stamps of India from my Stamp Collection

Yesterday, I asked on my website if you had any interest in taking a sneak peek at my stamp collection. I received a great response and thought why not start sharing some snippets of my stamp collection under a new topic Philately on my website.

Here is the first video of this series where I talk about some of the interesting Indian stamps from my collection.

Stamps featured in this video are:

  • Balarama Varma Travancore Stamp with overprints and surcharge
  • King George VI Indian Stamp with Pakistan overprint
  • King Edward VII Indian Stamp with overprint
  • King George V Silver Jubilee Indian Stamp
  • Bogus stamp from “Nagaland”
  • Fancy Hexagonal Indian Stamp

Let me know in the comments below if you enjoyed this video and found this informative. Also, let me know if you enjoyed this format of the video.

Stay tuned as I will be back with more videos and some free giveaways!

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  1. Good collection. When is your next video coming out?

  2. Informative blog posted….

  3. it’s very wonderful creative a Indian stamps video And your information is very important to me ,
    I like your Indian stamps video

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