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Page Layouts – Responsive Web Design (Part 2)

Responsive Web Design using Fluid Grid, Fluid Images and Media Queries

In my previous article, I shared two types of page layouts. In this day and age of smartphones, and tablets, there is another design approach that is very effective. This is popularly known as the Responsive Web Design (RWD). In one of my previous articles on creating Fluid Grid System for your website, I mentioned about this approach.   allows users …

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How to Create a Fluid Grid System for your Website

Responsive Web Design allows users to view the web pages across a broad range of devices and browsers in an easy to read layout and navigate with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling. A site designed with adapts the layout to the viewing environment by using fluid, proportion-based grids, flexible images and CSS3 media queries These days, many websites …

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5 Typography Rules for your Website Design

Typography - Font Personality

Typography is the art and technique of arranging type to make written language legible, readable, and appealing when displayed. The arrangement of type involves selecting typefaces, point size, line length, line-spacing (leading), letter-spacing (tracking), and adjusting the space within letters pairs (kerning). Just like colour, Typography has a huge impact on setting the tone of your website and creating visual hierarchy. …

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5 Design Must-Haves for a One Page Website

Sector One Page Website Theme

Are you planning to create a website that has just a handful of pages or sections? Then a One Page website or a Single Page website design is an excellent choice. A traditional website will have multiple pages and a clickable menu that can used to navigate to individual pages. But a typical one page website has only a single page, split into multiple sections referred to as Screens. Navigation controls may be present …

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