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Daily Routines for Success – U for Update

Daily Routine - Update Knowledge

From earlier this week, I have been sharing my experience of building seven daily routines that have helped me stay sane without being overwhelmed. 🙂 Routine #3 – Update Knowledge and Skills This is probably one of the few routines I have stuck on with for a few years now. Every day I try and learn something new. I am not talking about …

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Is Mental Accounting affecting your Financial Decisions?

Mental Accounting and Money Mistakes

A few of months back I was listening to this humorous NPR podcast called “Why Most Economists Might As Well Be Studying Unicorns” where Shankar Vedantam was having a conversation with the behavioural economist Richard Thaler. The conversation was mostly around Mental Accounting and Sunk-Cost Fallacy. If this is the first time you have heard of Richard Thaler, then these …

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Putting First Things First

First Things First Book

I was listening to the audio book First Things First this weekend. It helped me gain a new perspective on holistic life balance. And I thought, let me share some of my initial thoughts with other Goal Getters out there. Let me start with one of the chapter titles on First Things First – “How many people on their deathbed wish they’d spent …

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