Content Creation

September Progress Report

Daily Page Views in September

Like I mentioned in my previous “progress report”, I spent most part of September concentrating on the design and prototype of my new WordPress theme. I can’t wait to show them to you! I will be soon doing that this month. I wrote only 16 articles this month and definitely I noticed a shortfall in the number of visitors to …

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Choose the best Social Media Network for your Website

Social media networking sites are a great place to meet new people, build new business relationships and learn and discuss ideas. There are different flavours of Social Media platforms that can be integrated with your website to popularise your website. Here are some examples. When embarking on a web development project it is crucial to consider how you will popularise your website through …

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August Progress Report

WordPress Stats - Views in August

I cannot believe that it has been three months since my website relaunch and I have published over 60 articles already! I asked in my last “progress report” what kind of articles visitors were interested in seeing. I received very few responses, but most of them pointed in the direction of Technical articles. So this month, 16 out of 24 …

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Best Image Dimensions for Social Media

Best Image Dimensions For Social Media

Over 40 articles in less than 3 months and yet I have been struggling with one thing –  determining the “perfect” image dimensions for my “Featured Image” be. Featured Image is a feature that was introduced by WordPress in version 3.0. It is the representative image for the article and one of the elements that draws a website visitor to the article. I share …

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July Progress Report

WordPress Stats - Views in July

July was officially my second month on the new website. And I am thrilled to have published over 20 articles. My key focus in July was: Web Development (9 articles): I spent most part of the month exploring and learning various web development technologies. I curated online tutorials and wrote a brief overview of these technologies on my blog. Goal Getting (6 …

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June Progress Report

WordPress Stats - Views in June

In June I published 16 articles for the below topics: Web Development (12) Content Creation (2) Reflections (2) The main focus of this month was Discovery Phase and Content Creation. Discovery Phase: Discovery is the first phase in a web development project during which the initial research on the project feasibility is carried out and all the user requirements are gathered. I have been curating a bunch …

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Top 3 Reasons You Need a Domain Name

Domain Name

Just like how every house has a unique identifying address for the post office, every website has an address. This is referred to as the Domain Name. You may have seen domain names like or These are sub domains. They are like a flat address. In these examples, and are the domain names. If you are a blogger and you are …

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My CMS Platform of Choice is WordPress!


After my previous article on CMS Showdown comparing Drupal, Joomla and WordPress, I was asked two questions: a) Which one among the big 3 did I choose? b) Is there a WordPress version that can be hosted anywhere? What is my CMS of Choice? Here are my top three reasons: Out of the big 3 CMS platforms I reviewed, I found it to be the …

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Three Steps to Choosing a Blog Topic

Choosing a Blog Topic - Sony Simon 2003

That headline may have confused you. Why choose a blog topic! After all, a blog can be about anything and everything, right? Well… sorta… When you blog about your bad work day or your day out in town centre, you are definitely going to get some “likes” and “hearts” on the social media from your friends, family and acquaintances. But how …

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